Anti-inflammatory effects of a special carbohydrate-whey protein cake after exhaustive cycling in humans

  • Intense exercise stimulates an increase of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines.
  • The current study’s aim was to examine the effect of administering a special cake (with a 3.5:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio) compared with an isocaloric carbohydrate-only cake, in inflammation markers, after exhaustive cycling in humans
  • Nine volunteers consumed either the special or the placebo cake and then performed 2 hours of cycling at 60-65% VO2max in an ergonomic bicycle, followed by 4 hours of recovery. Then, another hour of cycling took place, at 60-65% VO2max that increased up to 95% VO2max. Blood samples were taken at several time points: pre-work out, 30 minutes, 4 hours and 48 hours post-work out. The cake was consumed right after the work out but also every hour for the next 3 hours
  • According to the results, cake consumption had affected the pro-inflammatory IL-6 and CRP levels, as a decrease was noted after 4 hours (50% and 46% respectively).
  • Finally, anti-inflammatory IL-10 was 118% higher 4 hours after the work out, but the difference was not statistically important.